Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alps, Travel, Flights, and VISAS!

Time flies..

It's already been 26 days since I arrived here in Switzerland.  Going well...  Being here is definitely a blessing as is the ability to see family members I don't usually get to see.  The job isn't that fun-sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours a day tackling tedious network and server issues.  Ha..  It's good to be here though.

I was able to go snowboarding in the Alps, which is something I have always wanted to do. DONE!  Ah..  Incredible.  360 degree view of snow caps and blue skis.  Heaven.  There's something magical about carving down a mountain almost parallel to the ground while grazing the fresh powder with your fingertips.  These memories will last a while in my dreams.

Okay...   About the trip in April...

I have a portion of my flights booked.

Toronto - Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand - Delhi, India
Delhi, India - Amman, Jordan
Cairo, Egypt - Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, Kenya - Johannesberg, South Africa      BOOM!

I still have to book the flights for the second leg of my trip but I will worry about that later.  Good thing is...  All my insurance has been covered with the purchase of these flights.  I got a great deal.  Thank God.  One less thing to stress about.

I leave Toronto at 2pm on April 4th.


I need to get 2 VISA's-- One for India and the other for Thailand.  Somehow I have to get all this done while being in Switzerland.  I think I'm going to skip getting the Thai VISA because I can get a 30 day tourist VISA when I arrive and then I'll just pop over to Laos for a weekend and then come back into the country and get another tours VISA.  Does anyone have experience with this?

I'm planning to go next week to get my Indian VISA. Please pray because this can be a consuming process. Especially with India.  :)

I sat down last night to plan for the week I'm back.  I've never had a busier week in my life.  I have something book for the moment I get off the plane!  Crazy.  I'm excited though.  I love being here but I can't wait to be home.  

Back on the 28th of March...    Message me!

God Bless,


 My perception of every revelation, situation and confrontation should be based on the time tested, unquestionable fact that God is good.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm here.

I made it here.  After being delayed 6 hours, almost missing my flight and being randomly searched by a big sweaty guy named Lou, I made it.

I'm doing well. The first few days were rough but It think it's just because I was jet lagged. 6 hours is rough when compared to 12 or 14. I arrived at 5pm and then I had to start work the following morning at 10:30.  Without any sleep, that day was overwhelming to say the least.  The people are very nice and so far, it seems to be a great work environment.  The only thing that is killing me is having to sit for 9 hours a day in front of a computer.  That, I am not used to. Well, at least not for that long.  There have already been times where I wanted to pick up my computer and throw it out the window. Haha..  For all of you that work in an office setting, I feel for you.  I couldn't do it.

Basically my job is to take the photos in the Medair database and organize, delete, tag and make it more user friendly.  I don't really know how I am going to do that yet but, hey, I haven't even been here for a week yet.

People come and go here because of the way Medair operates.  Some may be here for 3 days, others 7.  They fly in for briefings and leave shortly after.  It's hard to get to know people.  That can make being here slightly lonely at times.

It is VERY cold here.  About -12 most days but it's all the wind coming off lake Geneva that makes it unbearable.  Sucks, because it doesn't make going out very fun.  I walked to Lausanne the other day (6 KM) and now my face is burned from the wind chill.

I know that I have spoken about this a few times before but, this trip has really revealed how much I rely on the friendships and relationships in my life.  I have so many amazing friends and I'm so thankful for all of you.  I miss you all and I can't wait to see you.

Well, There's a little update. I hope to send out more as I have time but my internet use has been limited because I don't have any at my apartment. I have had to find down coffee shops.  All good.

"Friendship is the most valuable thing a man can have. It's worth more than money, land, horses and cattle.  It might be the only thing you never forget.  It lasts forever."  -Butch Cassidy